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The Network

Sharing Strategies is a network of diverse leaders from across sectors, from the streets to the elites, committed to ambition, action, and accountability in the design and delivery of strategic projects and campaigns which help avert a climate catastrophe and achieve our SDGs.

The network consists of: 


Averting a climate catastrophe and achieving our sustainable development goals is still possible. So is closing the $1+ trillion per year SDG financing gap in lower- and middle-income countries. And so is creating the political will to make all this happen.


There are evidence-based, scalable solutions and innovations that empower local communities to deliver in win-win ways across SDG sectors, from gender equality to climate, health, education and good governance.


Strategy sharers meet regularly to share ‘intelligence with intent for impact’ and identify catalytic opportunities for action with ambition and accountability. The aim is to co-create,  launch and sometimes fund specific initiatives to meet these opportunities. Over 500 Strategy Sharers have joined the working sessions since our start in mid-2020.

Example Strategy Sharers


Bloomberg Philanthropies, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Rockefeller Foundation, Skoll Foundation, Wellcome Trust

International organisations

The UN Economic Commission for Africa, Institute of International Finance (IIF), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, African Development Bank.

Think tanks

African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET), Apolitical, Brookings Institution, Center for Global Development, E3G, German Development Institute (DIE), London School of Economics, ODI, Systemiq, World Resources Institute

Media, creative and storytelling organisations

The Africa Center, Africa Communications Group, Africa No Filter, Africa Practise, the Doc Society, Don’t Panic, the Eden Project, The GSCC, Mission: Joy, OKRE, 72 Films, Tortoise, UCL DEL

In close partnership with a network of multisectoral leaders, Sharing Strategies is steered by Jamie Drummond and the team at Dalberg Catalyst. Our meetings and workstreams are usually co-hosted by leaders such as (Kate Hampton, Dr Vera Songwe, James Mwangi, Homi Kharas and diverse others)

Strategic Impact Advisory Group

Our Supporters:

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What Sharing Strategies is not 

Sharing Strategies is not itself an advocacy organization nor an implementor of programs. It is a small, nimble hub helping a network of diverse partners steward themselves collectively through an evolving shared strategy. It supports research, project design and partners' public-facing campaigns and nurtures movement-generous leaders.

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